Bee Safe


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Partner with York Employment Services – “Bee Safe Program”

Partnership is the key component for a safe working environment. At York our “BEE SAFE Program” has been designed with our Clients and Employees in mind. Risk Management is a core focus for our company, recognizing we all benefit when the cost of business is controlled. By providing a safe working environment at our Client locations, in conjunction with employees arriving with a “ready-to-bee-safe mentality” should produce the results we are all seeking. We have implemented systems & processes at York Employment Services we believe will further promote and establish this type of safe environment, with the support of our Clients.


We take each and every employee through a process to ensure safety awareness:

  • General Safety Rules Orientation
  • Policies & Procedures Checklist
  • Safety Products Instruction upon issue
  • Safety Video Presentation
  • On-Going Safety Paycheck Stuffers
  • Specific Instruction – In the event of an injury

Communication with our Clients is Huge! We share this enormous responsibility of safety and compliance, and we take it very serious at York Employment Services. Our pride comes from working with companies that enjoy best practices in safety compliance, as we do. We are a team. We are in and out of your facilities, understanding your needs, being there to communicate as needed and handling those safety processes & components that are our responsibility. Communication is the key!


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