Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of positions do you place candidates in?

Through our specialized recruiting practices, York Employment can connect companies and candidates in the areas of accounting, human resources, customer service, information technology, manufacturing, office support, light industrial work and more.


I just need somebody for a few days.  Can you help me?

Yes.  Our experienced staffing specialists are ready and well equipped to assist you with your temporary staffing needs.  Contact Us.


We are looking for a full-time professional to hire; can you help us find a professional direct-hire employee?

Yes.  We provide temporary, temp-to-hire and professional direct-hire placement services.  Contact Us.


What hiring options do you offer your clients?

We offer numerous staffing solutions to help our clients maximize productivity while controlling cost: temporary, long-term, temp-to-hire, project, professional direct-hire and payroll service are options offered by York Employment Services.


Do you guarantee your services?

York Employment is absolutely committed to your total satisfaction and to providing you with quality Associates who meet or exceed your expectations – each and every time.  If for any reason we ever fall short of this goal, we promise swift and appropriate corrective action.


We need to know the salary range for a particular skill set, how do we go about doing that?

We will conduct a market analysis and research the salary range for the position you have in mind.  In most cases, we can provide you with that information up front based on our recent placements.


Do we have to pay even if we don’t like any of the candidates you present?

You are under no obligation unless you choose to hire one of our candidates.  York Employment is a no-risk way to interview and screen candidates.


How do you screen the candidates?

Each candidate is reviewed by an experienced staffing specialist through a pre-employment screening process.  York Employment Services represents those professionals who uphold our hiring criteria.  Our Applicant Qualification, Confidential One-on-One Interview, Innovative “Bee Safe” Program, Reference Checks, and Employment Verification each play an important role in ensuring quality in every placement.  Each Applicant also goes through a Comprehensive Skills Assessment process that allows York Employment to assess and screen for your exact needs.


Does York Employment offer any Employee Benefits to Associates?

York Employment Associates have access to all of our many employee benefits which include the following: weekly paychecks, one week bonus pay, medical and dental plan options, employee appreciation and safety recognition rewards, resume and interview assistance and more.


How do we engage your services?

Please call us now and we will assign an Account Manager to work with you.  We will discuss the specifics of what you are looking for and begin the recruitment process. Contact Us.


If you did not find an answer to a question above, please feel free to contact a company representative on line or email us.  Also, be sure and check out York Employment’s Blog “Bee Informed” for the latest news and information.


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